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Are you interested in obtaining the ticket to starting a successful career as a booking agent in the airline, travel & tourism sector? Then look no further. Our Airfares & Ticketing course will equip you with the skills required to gain employment in any sector that requires reservations including airlines, travel agencies, hotels, cinemas and logistics companies.

This 7 day course has been designed in accordance with the IATA standard for airfares and ticketing and will help candidates to better understand the principles of airline transportation, fares and pricing and ticketing. By the end of the course, participants will also have increased knowledge of some of the most commonly used Computerised Reservations Systems in the airline industry

Course Description

Day 1 – Airlines & IATA Terms & Fares including:

  • Phonetic Alphabets
  • Structure of the airline industry
  • Airline codes
  • Airline IATA geography including hubs and gateways & flights and routing terms

Day 2 – Selecting the most appropriate fare for a given itinerary including:

  • Overview of fare types
  • Identifying & interpreting rules for fare types & their restrictions
  • Selecting the most appropriate fare for a given itinerary
  • Identifying fare restrictions for the itinerary
  • Determining & calculating passenger types and their discounts.

Day 3 – Constructing basic fares including:

  • One way & return fares
  • Identifying & using the mileage system.

Day 4 – Identifying baggage allowances, taxes, fees & charges & ticketing and associated documents including:

  • Identifying baggage allowances including the piece & weight system
  • Identifying & understanding excess baggage, taxes, fees & charges
  • Billing & airline settlement plans

Day 5 – Interpret ticketing entries & associated documents including:

  • Identifying & interpreting electronic tickets
  • ATB & multiple purpose documents (MPDs’ & MCOs’)
  • Mock

Day 6 – General Overview of the course:

  • Identify airlines& IATA terms& fares
  • Select the most appropriate fare for a given itinerary
  • Construct basic fares
  • Identify baggage allowances, taxes, fees & charges & ticketing& associated documents
  • Interpret ticket entries & associated documents

Day 7

  • Knowledge & Understanding Examination
  • Career Talk