Bridgewater Academy Outsourcing

Bridgewater Academy specializes in people outsourcing. People outsourcing which is based on a system where HR processes including: Recruitment, Selection and Placement, Training, Reward management, Performance appraisal Management have been effectively arranged to deliver a seamless, cost effective and comprehensive outsourcing solution to our clients.

Bridgewater Academy acts as a third party service provider that recruits, trains, and places candidates in line with client stipulations to meet their Personnel needs. This workforce is capable of delivering as per client expectations from the first day on the job. Subsequently, Bridgewater Academy looks after the outsourced staffs’ employment records/files, salary and benefits management, promotions and increments, regulatory and statutory requirements and all disciplinary and performance management matters.

Our outsourced staffs are capable of delivering value that far outweighs the cost of engaging them to our clients. We deploy our skills and expertise in HR activities and initiatives to help organizations increase their productivity through better use of their human resources and to enable client companies achieve real competitive advantages.

Our Offering

In Bridgewater Academy we see outsourcing as a lasting business relationship. Outsourcing for us is more than just a contract between a service provider and a client.

We understand that Outsourcing is about achieving business goals and we have put in place capabilities that enable us maximise our clients business performance and deliver on their set targets.

Bridgewater Academy offers the listed services as part of People Outsourcing:

  1. Recruiting, hiring and outplacement of employees.
  2. Completion of joining formalities, background checks and verifications.
  3. Maintenance of personal files.
  4. Processing of salaries and pay packages.
  5. Income tax management for employees.
  6. Medical benefits / insurance management.
  7. Prerequisite handling.
  8. Terminal benefits management.
  9. Performance appraisal result coordination.
  10. Training needs analysis and facilitation.
  11. Subsidies and employees loan processing .

Our outsourced staff roles include:

  1. Bulk Note Counters (Bulk Tellers)
  2. Customer Service Officers
  3. Customer Paying Cashiers (Front Tellers)
  4. Administrative Officers
  5. Secretarial Officer
  6. Drivers
  7. Call Center Executives
  8. Office Assistants and Cleaners
  9. Secretaries/Personal Assistants.
  10. Executive/Technical Assistants.
  11. Relationship Management Officers.
  12. Direct Sales Executives.