IATA Airport Operations

Starting a career or wishing to expand your knowledge in airports? Get the essential knowledge and certification you need to succeed.

Upon completing this course you will have the skills to:

  • Know the history of aviation and understand the role airports play in the economy
  • Discover the various airport customers and partners
  • Gain knowledge about the multiple operational and business functions of airports
  • Acquire the tools to apply your knowledge and skills to your airport environment

This course is recommended for:

  • Recently appointed airport staff
  • Travel industry staff
  • Newcomers to the industry

Key topics

  • Operational functions of the airport
  • Rescue, fire fighting and other support services
  • Airport issues and challenges
  • The future of airports
  • Technological developments

This course is a step towards earning an IATA Diploma in:

  • IATA Diploma in Aviation Studies (Distance Learning)

Course Enrollment Deadline:

Cost:USD 450 (IATA Registration and Exam Fee) +NGN 60,000 (Training Fee)

Fees are non refundable