Bridgewater Academy

Bridgewater Academy is a Human Development Company. We specialize in training and development,, recruitment, outsourcing of personnel for national, multinational companies and for government agencies.

At Bridgewater Academy we work with you to define your business needs, to identify gaps, and to deliver customized solutions that meet your business objectives in the most efficient way. Learn more about us >>

Our Services

Bridgewater Academy Training

Our training is built on the strong foundation of the “MARINE” model which is derived from the 7 key principles of how best to ensure that adults learn.View More »

Bridgewater Academy Recruitment

Bridgewater Academy Recruitment offers an outsourced approach to enhance your talent acquisition, to manage multiple hires within a specific timeframe.View More »

Bridgewater Academy Outsourcing

In Bridgewater Academy we see outsourcing as a lasting business relationship. Outsourcing for us is more than just a contract between a service provider and a client.View More »

Our Clients